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What You Need to Know

How is cFlow different from ChatGPT / and others?

We are integrating nativley into MacOS and Windows, allowing you to access chatGPT (and in future other LLMs) natively via a hotkey and or our toolbar icons, reducing friction, context-switching and distraction and allowing you to integrate ChatGPT more natively into your workflows. On top of that, through 'Memorise' we allow you to store and query your own data from anywhere - something that goes beyond what ChatGPT can do right now.

This aside, our biggest differentiator is our broader vision. In future we will build out a more comprehensive set of features, such as cross-device integration, scheduling, multi-models (incl. open source), document Q&A and others, to turbo charge your productivity. If you have features in mind you want us to include, do reach out!

What about data privacy?

We take your data privacy extremely seriously and do everything we can to keep your data safe. All in and outgoing traffic, both between your device and our servers, as well as all traffic between our servers and OpenAI and or other LLMs providers is fully encrypted.  
While we store and capture metadata about queries in aggregate to track usage and improve our product, we do not sell, access or store any of your individual queries beyond what is necessary to run the service. If you have any questions, please do get in touch or check our Privacy Policy.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your order at any time during your free trial without incurring any charges. When using a paid plan, you can cancel at any point and your subscription will end towards the end of your upcoming (monthly or annual) billing cycle, depending on your chosen subscription. For more details see our Terms of Use.

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